First Impressions: Why Your Actor's Headshot Matters

We all know that first impressions count. The casting director will probably have made up his or her mind about you within the first five seconds of your audition. No, that's wrong. He or she will already have come to a decision about you when they looked at your headshot. Without a great actor's headshot, you won't even open the door to the audition.

Your most important marketing tool

No matter what experience you have on your resume, people respond much more quickly to a visual impact. This means that, if you're an actor, your headshot has to be your primary marketing tool. An unprofessional photograph when to do you any favours; if the image is out of focus or badly lit, or if the picture has been taken from a poor angle, you could find yourself missing out on vital opportunities.

Follow our tips to ensure that you achieve the best headshot possible.

• Take your time to choose the right photographer; check their portfolio to see if they have experience taking headshot's and if they are producing the type of picture you're looking for.
• Look at other actors' headshots and take note of how they are marketing themselves. How do their pictures relate to the type of work they are doing?
• Your photograph must be a good representation of yourself. For example, don't use a picture featuring a beard if you have shaved it off. Casting directors will choose your picture because of the way you look; this is the person they expect to walk through the door.
• Think about what you should wear. In general, the clothes should not intrude on the picture, especially if you want to be considered for a range of parts. Keep it plain and simple so they can project a variety of characters onto your picture.
• If you can afford it, use a professional make up artist. Make up should enhance your best features and minimise faults but it should be light and natural looking.
• An experienced photographer will be able to direct you into a number of suitable poses but you should also give some thought to how you want to appear in your pictures. Remember, sometimes a pose that feels natural to you doesn't look so good in a photo; on the other hand, your photographer may suggest something that feels awkward but may photograph well.
• Remember to allow for some postproduction in your budget. Touching up your picture to remove a stray hair or blemish is fine but don't go overboard. If you have all your wrinkles removed and your eye colour changed, how will you sustain this for an audition?

It really pays dividends to use a professional photographer to get a professional headshot. They will have the technical ability, the appropriate lighting equipment and the experience to see what will work best for you as an individual. Look upon it as an investment rather than an expense because a good headshot will pay high dividends over the long run.

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