Information About Actors Headshots

What are actors Headshots for?
Professional Actors headshots are usually used for casting and auditions. In the UK they are typically black and white and in the States they are usually in colour.

Types of Headshots?
There are several types of headshots:
• Commercial - in colour/black and white with person smiling
• Theatrical - black and white and no smiling
• Black and white - for UK market
• Colour - USA market and for modelling industry
• Studio - photographed in the studio
• Natural - photographed outside

What to wear?
Dont wear anything that has too many prints on it. You want the casting director to focus on your face rather than on your shirt/top. So, go with the plain colours. If you have a short neck then v-neck top will help to visually elongate it and round neck tops will help to shorten it. However, we recommend that you try wearing several different types of tops.

Anything else I should know?
We recommend you relax and have a good night sleep although do not worry about any spots or bags under your eyes. We are professionals in Photoshop and will retouch the three your favorite images for free removing all the temporary imperfections. Will will not touch scars or moles because they are part of you and your features.

If you have any other questions then just contact us.